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Head of Finance

Job Description

Posted on: 
June 23, 2023

✈   About us: Aviation will be electric and we need to make this transition happen as soon as possible. Beyond Aero is making long range electric aircraft possible using hydrogen-electric propulsion. Our first aircraft is a zero operating emissions private aircraft, designed for hydrogen propulsion.

In order to strengthen our team we are looking for a Head of Finance.


✈   Roles:

As the right-hand person of the CEO on finance topics, you will manage the accounting (with accountants), the balance sheets, the business plan and the KPIs to check the company's status and help it to plan ahead. You will be responsible for fundraising and relations with potential investors, and you will provide regular reports.Your objective is to avoid unnecessary expenses and to reassure investors with a clear follow-up of financial KPIs based on an ambitious and credible business plan.

Your role will consist in:

  • manage and optimize our accounts by defining the appropriate KPIs
  • build balance sheets, understand and manage the financial health and plan budgets by departments.
  • Analyze and manage the finances and especially the cash flow to avoid a bad turnover during the scaling.
  • Design a financial strategy and business plan that is built with the help of forecasting tables to estimate financial risks and strategic choices.
  • Build regular financial reporting, including R&D, margins, cash flow projections, EBITDA and break-even.
  • Be responsible for administrative tasks such as the preparation of legal and accounting forms and documents, as well as supplier and customer contracts, and for ensuring that they are free of errors before they are forwarded to the CEO.
  • Implement new tools, particularly on accounting data
  • Advice the CEO on the best possible organization to maintain the company's costs
  • Have an HR component and recruitment for the firm, the administrative follow-up and the supervision of the payroll.

Job Requirements

✈   About you

Desired skills and qualifications

  • Team player
  • 10+ years of experience in a similar role
  • Ability to work in hybrid teams
  • Highly proficient in spoken and written English

✈️  Your location

You will be working at Beyond Aero office in Toulouse or Paris (France). Partial remote working is possible.

✈   Apply: Send an email to with your resume, projects/portfolio and lines of motivation with the job title as the email subject.

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