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Thermo-hydraulic Engineer

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January 16, 2023

✈   About us: We believe that aviation will be electric in the next decades, and that we need to make this transition happen as soon as possible. Beyond Aero is a startup of 20 passionate people currently building a two-seater hydrogen powered flying aircraft demonstrator. Meanwhile, we are designing a business aircraft able to reach 1000 miles around the hydrogen powertrain.

We are looking for the next 10 people who want to shape the future of aviation with us. One of them will manage the development of our aircraft hydraulic auxiliary systems.


✈   Subject: Thermo-hydraulic systems design and development for Beyond Aero

The candidate will be handling studies and development processes for thermo-hydraulic systems of the aircraft, such as thermal management, anti-icing, environmental control system, in close collaboration with thermal management, airframe and aerodynamics lead engineers. Some of the main tasks also include:

  • Perform calculations for thermal management needs, considering constraints from airframe, aerodynamics and mission requirements.
  • Conceptual layouts of thermal management system, air management.
  • Development of thermo-hydraulic models.
  • Ability to translate from concept to model; perform thermo-hydraulic simulations (CFD — single and two-phase — with commercial softwares and in-house developed models).
  • Mastering of thermodynamics and thermodynamic cycles, single and two-phase heat transfer and energy recovery.
  • Mastering of internal flow fluid dynamics either compressible and incompressible flows.
  • Draft requirements and contribute to execution of testing for systems.

The candidate will actively participate in decisions of Lead Thermal Management Engineer, he will be also asked to evaluate and select some of the off-the-shelf components for the different subsystems.

Job Requirements

✈   About you:

  • Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering or any other directly relevant engineering field required.
  • 3+ years experience in similar role(s), required prior experience in thermal systems and components design.
  • Mastering of fluid mechanics, heat transfer and multi-physics simulations as well as heat exchangers, anti-icing systems, hydraulic circuits design, balancing and regulation.
  • Mastering computer programming for model development and CFD modelling.
  • Strong understanding of design and integration principles and technical correlations, critical mindset.
  • Knowledge of fuel cell technology, working principles, thermal management and main challenges related to.
  • Master of the following softwares: StarCCM+ (or equivalent commercial CFD software), Matlab, Microsoft Office. Knowledge of Catia, Dymola.
  • Excellent communication and synthesis skills, team spirit, empathy, ability to work in a startup environment, well organised and rigorous.
  • Open mindset, flexibility, ability to work on different projects, autonomous and ambitious. Curious, ambitious and willing to break codes.

✈   Apply: Send an email to with your resume, projects/portfolio and lines of motivation with the job title as the email subject.

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