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Electric vehicle powertrainIt's called a retrofit
Blériot - ULM RetrofitWe call it a perfect fit

We have developed an 85kW flying test bench for retrofitting a 2-seater from G1 aviation. This cutting-edge aircraft propulsion system seamlessly integrates hydrogen tanks and batteries to power the propeller.

Subscale powertrain

Fact sheet

Hydrogen Electric Powertrain
Air Supply
H2 Supply
Aircraft Propulsion
Fuel Cell Max Power
45 kW
Battery Max Power
40 kW
Energy Storage
H2 gaseous (340 bar)
High Voltage DC Bus
350 V
Low Voltage DC Bus
12 V
Nominal Air Mass Flow rate
55 g/s
Operating Fuel Cell Pressure
2 bar
H2 Mass flow rate
55 g/min
Operating Fuel Cell Pressure
2,2 bar
Max Elec Power generated
85 kW
Max Mechanical Shaft Power
60 kW
Aviation will be electric
A transformation that has already begun